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Questions Swirl Over License Plate Readers

By Bill O'Neil
A two-sided coin--the word from the ACLU of Texas when it comes to those license plate readers being used by law enforcement agencies around the state and country. 

A new report put out by the organization raises plenty of questions over how the information gathered by the readers is being used--and how it's being stored.

"Ultimately, they're increasingly becoming a tool for mass routine location tracking and mass surveillance" said Tom Hargis with the ACLU of Texas. He told 550 KTSA News there are certainly some pluses to the technology. 

"When used in a narrow regulated way, automatic license plate readers can help police recover stolen cars, collect overdue parking fees, arrest people with outstanding warrants" Hargis said. However, he also said there is too much grey area right now.  

"The mian probelm is they are not being used to only search for suspects--but also to keep records ont he whereabouts of everybody" Hargis said. 

The group has been pushing lawmakers to adopt very strict sdtandards in Texas on how the technology can be used, who can use it, and how the information can be stored.   

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