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Yearly High Gas Prices on the Horizon?

By Bill O'Neil

The pain at the gas pump you've been feeling in recent days continues to rise--and the experts say there's more to come.  

You can blame the continuing tension in Egypt--along with the increased demand of summer driving for the continuing climb in prices at the gas pump. New numbers from put the San Antonio average at $3.48 per gallon of regular unleaded--an increase of about three-cents over the last week. 

"As long as that (crude oil prices) continues to creep upward, I think we're going to be locked in a phase where we see these incremental increases in the price at the pump" said's Gregg Laskoski. He told 550 KTSA News that's very likely to soon translate in to a yearly high.  

"In mid-February, we were at $3.74 for the national average. That's just seven-cents away--and it's very possible that could happen sometime in the next two to three weeks" Laskoski said--adding one other huge potential factor continues to loom.  

"The one thing that we really have been fortunate with so far has been the weather" Laskoski said--pointing to a lack of any impact from the tropics--at least until now.   

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