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KTSA Latest News

Big Downward Trend Seen in Gas Prices

Going down--the experts say a big run-down in price at the gas pump is in the works in the coming weeks.  

New Info on Hotel Shooting

New details are emerging in the aftermath of a deadly weekend shooting inside of a downtown hotel. 


End in Sight on Broadway

A $15 million construction project that has gotten the attention of just about everyone in San Antonio will soon be wrapping up. 


New Voting Suit Begins

The Obama Administration is set to begin a new push to have Texas pre-clear any election law changes with Washington, with a new legal challenge to be launched in San Antonio Monday.  


Cuellar Sees Small Progress

A San Antonio Congressman sees some small--but positive signs of progress as the undocumented children crisis continues to play out in Texas.  


Nirenberg to Seek Mayoral Seat

A busy summer for San Antonio's City Council--which will soon get down to the business of selecting an interim Mayor.