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Abbott Answers DOJ Election Law Challenge

By Bill O'Neil 

A case built on "dead law"--that's just what Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sees in the Justice Department's attempt to force the state to federally pre-clear any election law changes.  

"We beleive that putting Texas back under federal oversight is unnecessary" Abbott said after the feds took their case to federal judges in San Antonio. In fact, the Attorney General sees something much more sinister at play.  
"I beleive the Oabama Administration is joining with the Democrat Party of the State of Texas--in a lawsuit aimed at the 2014 election" Abbott said. The Attorney General is campaigning for the Republican nomination for Governor.  

Abbott said such a move by the Administration is nothing short of damaging. 

"It seems as though they are sowing racial divide--as opposed to trying to assist unity" Abbott said, pointing out the case made by the Justice Department is built on election maps that no longer exist--despite the new guidance that comes with the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling--which tossed out the formula used by the feds in deciding who needed to federally pre-clear election law changes. 

Abbott said he's willing to fight the battle all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court--again.   

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