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Plane Part Falls in NW Neighborhood

by Elizabeth Ruiz
(photo by Robert Coultress-Rodrgiuez

Officials at Boeing are trying to determine what caused part of a military plane to fall off and land in a Northwest Side neighborhood.

Robert Coultress-Rodriguez told 550 KTSA News he was walking to a friend's home Thursday morning when he heard a loud clicking sound and looked up to see the airplane part fall from the sky.

At first, he couldn't see the plane because of the trees.

"It became more defined where we could see the aircraft itself and we saw a part of the plane fall off," said Coultress-Rodriguez.  "We were very scared because we didn't know where it was going to land."

It landed in the backyard of a home in the 6500 block of Spring Hurst.  

"It made a very, very loud bang-louder than a gunshot," said Coultress-Rodriguez. '

He describes the plane part as a cone-shaped object about 5 feet long.   

"It was very scary," he said.

Fortunately, no one was in the yard when the plane part fell so no one was injured. 

Boeing officials confirm it was an Air Force C-17 aircraft and the investigation continues.

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