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Anti Discrimination Ordinance Debate Goes On

By Bill O'Neil

There's no let up in the controversy surrounding a porposed anti-discrimination ordinance soon to be taken up by San Antonio's City Council.  

From who can use which restroom to who might be banned from doing business with the city based on their views on homosexuality--the author of the proposed ordinance said critics are simply misrepesenting the goal of the measure. 

"They foudn a apart of it that probably wasn't worded well--but it doesn't mean what they say it meant--then they say look at what San Antonio's trying to do" Councilman Diego Bernal told 550 KTSA's Jack Riccardi. Those commentts were echoed by Mayor Julian Castro.  

"There's a lot of misinformation out there about what's actually contained in it" Castro said, adding San Antonio is the last major U.S. city to take up such protections.  

Still--City Councilman Cartlon Soules told 550 JTSA's Jack Riccardi anyone doing business with the city needs to take note. 

"You ned to contact your chamber of commerce--because I can tell you right now the city is lobbying the chambers of commerce very hard to go out and endorse this porposal" Soules said.  

As for talk at least one group might file suit against the city should the ordinance pass and be enacted--the Mayor said he wouldn't be surprised.  

"Unfortunately these days--people bring legal action over just about everything in our country" Castro said.    

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