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Utility Bills Could be Going Up

by Elizabeth Ruiz

Your utility bills could be going up.

CPS Energy  CEO  Doyle Beneby told the board Wednesday he's recommending a 4.75 percent increase in electric and gas rates.

"They'll look at the proposal and once our board of trustees approves that, then they'll seek approval from the city council," said CPS Energy spokesman John Moreno.

If the board approves the increase, it will go before city council in October. 

"If city council approves the rate increase request, it would have an impact on monthly electric and gas bills of about $5.19 for the average CPS Energy customer, and that's based on the usage of 1,100 kilowatt hours per month," said Moreno.

The rate hike would go into effect in February. 

"It would help fund the replacement of aging infrastructure-gas pipes, poles, cables, transformers, a new substation and improvements to existing neighborhood substations," Moreno told 550 KTSA News. 

He said the increase would also help upgrade power plants. 

"That includes costs to stay compliant with federal and environmental rules and regulations to reduce pollutants and improve air quality," said Moreno.

This would be the first time the utility asks the council for a rate hike since February of 2010.  

The presentation to the CPS Energy board also included recommended increases of 5.25 percent in 2016 and 4.5 percent in 2018.

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