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New Safe Driving Campaign Unveiled for EFS

Still trying to get the message out--the Texas Department of Transportation unveils another safe driving campaign for the Eagle Ford Shale. 

Will HUMANE Act Get a Vote?

You can sense the frustration building on Capitol Hill--where the Number Two Republican in the U.S. Senate has some choice words for the Majority Leader when it comes to the continuing undocumented children crisis. 

Jail Escapee Back in Custody

How could it happen? That's the question being asked at the Bexar County Jail after an inmate manages to slip away in the middle of the night. 

Doggett Calls for V.A. Upgrade

Time for an upgrade--the call from one local lawmaker in looking over San Antonio's outpatient V.A, facility.  


Ride Share Debate Goes On

The debate goes on over whether or not ride share services should be legal in San Antonio. 


Downtown Streetcar Plans Dead

No vote needed this time around--but that doesn't mean downtown streetcar opponents don't want to cast ballots in November.