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Video Games Effects Study at UTSA

By Bill O'Neil

It's a common theme mentioned after too many school shootings--and researchers at UTSA are set to take a closer look.  

The study of what impact violent video games might have on a player looks to answer a couple of different questions said Doctor Alberto Cordova. 

"How does our body respond to it--and does our ecology--our make up, where we're from, our experiences--does that have an influence" Cordova said, telling 550 KTSA News he's hoping to answer whether a player living in a more violent neighborhood might be impacted differently by what he's seeing in the game as opposed to what a player from a quieter neighborhood might see.  

"Living in these environments--does that buffer these physiological responses you have playing these violent video games" Cordova said. 

The study will involve fity 18 to 24 year olds--and will conclude early next year--at which time Cordova said he's hoping to expand the research.    

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