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Showdown Looming Between TX Think Tank an IL Senator?

By Bill O'Neil

Is it yet another example of Washington intimidation? That's just what the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation sees in a letter it recently received from powerful Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin. 

Specifically, the Senator asks the group about it's position on so-called "stand your ground" laws--along with it's connections to another organization that supports such legislation.  

"Our reaction was one of just amazement becuase it is a very intimidating letter" said the group's Arlene Wohlgemuth, who told 550 KTSA News she sees something very sinister.

"It seems to us to be a part of a larger pattern of federal attempts to harass and intimidate opponents of Washington D.C." Wohlgemuth said, adding the group has no intention of complying with the Senator's request. 

"We are a very liberty-oriented organization--and the independence that we exercise is very important" Wohlgemuth said.  

In his letter, Senator Durbin said he is colllecting the information ahead of a Senate hearing on stand your ground--which is set to take place next month.    

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