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Council Debates IT Contract

By Bill O'Neil
Where to draw the line--and how to prioritize--two big questions at the center of a San Antonio City Council debate over spending $180,000.00 of your dollars on an innovative IT contract. 

On one hand--Councilman Diego Bernal said the contract could lead to some big advances.  

"This group could also build an application where once an office shows up, they can type in the address--and get the entiure history from every department that relates to that address. Currently, we don;t have anything like that" Bernal said. 

But with the current budget debate as a backdrop, Councilman Carlton Soules was left with one big question.  

"Not whther it is a good IT program--will we get some good software--but in the list of critical things we are cutting right now--is this most important?" Soules asked--adding "For essentially the same amount of money--$180,000.00--we've taken out our police certification team, we're dropping parts of the crisis response team."  

Ultimately, Council aproved the spending measure--turning aside an effort from Soules to at least delay voting on the proposed contract for two weeks--to allow Council to see just how big a priority the program is for the city.   

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