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Nuclear Reactors Under Threat?

By Bill O'Neil

Lessons not learned--the conclusion of a new report on just how vulnerable more than one-hundred nuclear reactors in the United States migfht be to a potential attack launched by terrorists. 

More than a decade after the September 11tth Attacks--the report said there are still a lot of challenges to be tackled. 

"The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) does not require the protection of exisiting nuclear reactors against air attacks" said Alan Kuperman at the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project at the University of Texas, adding that's not the only concern surrounding such facilities.  

"The NRC does not require protection against .50 caliber sniper rifles--or rocket propoelled grenades. We know any serious terrorist organization has access to these sorts of weapons" Kuperman said, adding other deficiencies include protections against inside saboteurs.  

Among the facilities cited as most at risk in the report is the nuclear power plant in Bay City.   

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