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Medina Supports Anti Discrimination Proposal

By Elizabeth Ruiz 

San Antonio City Councilman Cris Medina adds his name to those supporting a proposed update to the city's anti-disctimination ordinance--which has generated so much controversy inr ecent weeks.  

"I think this ordinance strives to achieve making sure that things are equal in our city--and I think we're a stronger city for it" Medina said, adding "For me it's about insuring we have equality and diversity in our city--and I beleive the spirit opf thhis ordinance does that."  

While many religious groups are concerned the measure would infringe on their rights, Medina is convinced that won't happen.  

"I beleive that the language in the ordinance will reflect insuring we will not discriminate against one's religious beliefs--and I belive the language in the ordinance will ultimately reflect that at the end of the day" Medina told 550 KTSA News.  

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