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DOJ Takes Aim at TX

By Bill O'Neil

It's the battle we all knew was coming--the Justice Department challenging Texas over the state's voter identification law as well as it's district maps. 

In both cases, South Texas College of Law Constitutional Law expert Josh Blackman said the road might be a tough one for the feds. 

"Hpw far back are we supposed to look? Are we supposed to require Texas to answer for the sins of its past--or are we only supposed to look back in recent memory" Blackman said, adding the maps drawn in Texas would not raise legal eyebrows in most other states--except for the state's history.  

"Becasue of the history with race in Texas... there are some serious implications there" Balckman told 550 KTSA News. 

Ultimately, he sees the case as a test for the Adminsitration--ahead of likely plans for rolling out similar challenges in other states. He beleives the case is very likely to get fast-tracked to the U.S. Supreme Court.   

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