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No Potty Policy in NDO

by Elizabeth Ruiz

There's nothing in the non-discrimination ordinance about restrooms. That's one of the points city councilman Diego Bernal says he's seeking to clarify.     

He says the proposed changes prohibit discrimination against members of the LGBT community and veterans, but the policy would not affect bathroom, locker room or dressing room policies.  

"We are not breaking new ground or doing anything revolutionary.  We are merely doing what more than 180 municipalities have  already enacted," said Bernal. 

The non-discrimination ordinance applies to city employees, city contracts and subcontracts, housing and public accommodations (entry and access to businesses generally open to the public).

Bernal says it does not prevent anyone, regardless of their beliefs, speech, or activities, from running for city council or participating in city boards and commissions.

The proposed changes would not require religious organizations to offer their facilities to groups or activities they disagree with, or to host ceremonies they disagree with. 

The revised ordinance would not require any business to produce or promote messages it does not agree with on religious grounds.  They would be prohibited from discriminating against customers, but they have the right to decide what messages they produce.

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