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SA Fast Food Workers Protest in Austin

By KTSA News Staff

The call has gone out--and fast food workers from San Antonio are adding their voices to a push for raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  

"They're putting the forward the standards for what the mimimum wage is" said Service Employees International Union State Director Alejandro Guzman of the motivation behind the demonstrations taking place around the state and country. He told 550 KTSA News the current system is simply unfiar--when you compare the workers to their CEO's.  

"These people are raving in profits... these CEO's--their making not millions--but billions fo dollars in profits" Guzman said.  

A number of local workers and activists climbed aboard buses in San Antonio Thursday Morning for a drive north to take part in the demonstration taking place in Austin. 

"It's a big problem--These young people, they work hard. They use this money to compensate for college. They need to have an increase in wages" one woman told 550 KTSA News. Another is hoping the turnout will speak volumes to policy makers. 

'"The more bodies they see--the more they'll do about it" she said.  

However--there are critics of the push.  

"Margins in this industry are razor thin as it is--especially in fast food--because they don't have alcohol to help mitgate some of those costs to goods" said Texas-based restaurant consultant Kyle Noonan. He told 550 KTSA News such a pay increase would mean your favorite value meal would probably more than double in price--and the workers themselves might also end up paying a heavy price.  

"It would lead to either layoffs... or a best case scenario would be just a hiring freeze" Noonan said.   

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