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New Laws Set to Take Effect

By KTSA News Staff 

A number of new laws are set to take effect across the State of Texas on Sunday, September 1st. Among them are a number of new standards on guns--including the number of hours you are required to spend in the classroom to get a concealed carry permit. 

Attorney Edwin Walker with Texas Law Shield told 550 KTSA News the old standard was ten to fifteen hours of instruction. 

"The Legisalture has decided the same training can be done in four to six hours--not including range time--so there will be an hour or two extra of range time" Walker said. Another new law allows for concealed carry permit renewals to be submitted online.  

A number of new laws are also set to take effect on the roads--where illegally passing a school bus will get more costly.  

"The minimum fine used to be $200--it's now $500" said Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Jason Reyes--who told 550 KTSA News another new law requires you to slow down--or move over when you approach a Texas Department of TGransportation vehicle with it's safety lights on.

You can also now use a wireless device such as a cell phone to pull up your insurance card to show an officer if you are pulled over.  

Another new law will be seen at hospitals--where all newborns will have to be tested for heart defects.  
"This is a very simple test.... it's performed 24 hours after the baby's born, and measures the level of oxygen in the baby's blood" University Health System's Don Finley said. He told 550 KTSA News about 72-hundred babies are born each year with critical congenital heart disease.   

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