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Eyes Off the Budget?

By Bill O'Neil

Keep your eye on the ball--the word from budget watchers in San Antonio amid all of the continuing debate over the city's proposed non-discrimination ordinance.  

In fact, South Texas Alliance for Progress President George Rodriguez told 550 KTSA News the debate overt he ordinance appears to be a smoke screen covering other issues--including a growing municipal debt load.  

"This politician--the Mayor--is going to move on to other things--and he's going to leave us holding the proverbial bag" Rodriguez said, adding "I think there is a big distraction from looking at the budget in San Antonio right now."  

In the long run, Rodriguez said such a distraction will only hurt the city.  

"We're pretty bad in the budget right now, and I think it is a political ploy to keep us distracted from looking at what this Mayor has done" Rodriguez said.  

The final public hearing on the budget is set for 6 PM Wednesday at City Hall. Council is expected to take a final vote on the budget Thursday, September 12th.   

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