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Vote on NDO Looms

By Bill O'Neil

The debate isn't likely to come to an end--but San Antonio's City Council is scheduled to cast votes on a much-discussed non discrimination ordinance expansion Thursday. 

Supporters of the proposal--including the Jewish Federation of San Antonio--said it's the right move at the right time.  

"A lot of people in our community do identify with the fact that people who are discriminated against face many hurdles... Jews in history have faced many hurdles" the group's Pat Kalmans told 550 KTSA News--after the Community Relations Council she chairs voted to endorse the proposal earlier in the week.  

Kalmans said she's confident the measure will not mean religious groups will have to endorse lifestyles they oppose. 

"I think there's a sincere effort to be sensitive to religious organizations and the beleifs of people that don't concur with a particular lifestyle" Kalmans said.  

While Council appears poised to pass the proposal, opponents are still holding out hope. 

Justice Foundation President Allen Parker told 550 KTSA News he's still hoping Councilmembers will put the brakes on the process.  

"So that there can be more opportunity for dialogue and understanding and tolerance of diverse viewpoints" Parker said, adding opponents have no ill will toward anyone as they look to protect their free speech rights.  

"This is a divesre, wonderful city. We need to be united and I think the city needs to postpone this for more study--and to help people come together as a city of love--that's our city" Parker said.  

Some opponents have said they expect legal actionto follow the passage of the measure--something they say will be both costly and time consuming.   


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