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Local Members of Congress Discuss Shootings

By Bill O'Neil
The San Antonio Congressional Delegation weighs in on the shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard, displaying a wide range of emotions. 

Congressman Pete Gallego told 550 KTSA News he'll never understand what would motivate such a rampage aimed at taking innocent lives.  

"These people who essentially take their anger and frustrations out on people who have absolutely nothing to do with decisions they might be mad about" Gallego said. The Armed Services Commitee on which Gallego sits will get a full briefing on what happened.  

For Congressman Henry Cuellar, what happened is a stark reminder of the times in which we live.  

"We have to get it correct 100-percent of the time. The bad guys--they just have to get it right one time" Cuellar told 550 KTSA News--urging people to stay vigiliant --and report anything that doesn't seem right.  

For Congressman Lamar Smith, the rampage is just another example of why something needs to change.  

"It's unsettling. It would be horrible any time, and this just brings it home and makes us (Congress) I think want to do everything we can to try to prevent these trqagedies" Smith told 550 KTSA News, adding he expected to feel some extra motivation to act after catching a glimpse of the Washington Navy Yard as he flew back in to D.C. Monday. 

Also traveling back to Washington was fellow Congressman LLoyd Doggett, who told 550 KTSA News what happened brought back memories of Washington on September 11, 2001.  

"I was there that day--a day our country can never forget" Doggett said, adding that regardless of the motivation behind the rampage, a strong message must be sent.   

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