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Voter Roll Questions Raised in TX Counties

By Bill O'Neil

Three Texas counties have been put on notice they could face legal action following an advocacy group's review of their voter rolls.  

The American Civil Rights Union said it has found the number of registered voters in Kenedy County is 113-percent of the over 18 population there. In Duval ounty it's 102-percent, and in Brooks County it's 126-percent--with 18 people over the age of 110 reported as casting ballots in a May primary.  

"Brooks County has clearly got people ont he rolls that are no longer walkingt he earth" said American Civil Rights Union Attorney Christian Adams--noting there are a total of 325 people over the age of 18 living in the United States today in total. 

Adams told 550 KTSA News the group isn't sure of whether or not the numbers are the result of some organized effort to tip elections.

"What we do know is things that need to be done aren't being done. The refusal to do those things is clearly deliberate--because you can't have more people on the voter rolls than you have people alive" Adams said, adding each of the three counties has received a notification letter.  

"These notice letters put counties on notice that they are above 100-percent--and if they don't clean up the voter rolls, they may be subject to litigation" Adams said.  


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