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Obamacare Push Begins

By Bill O'Neil and Elizabeth Ruiz 

The countdown is on--the enrollments period begins October 1st--and backers of the Affordable Care Act--also known as Obamacare--are trying to get the word out. Congressman Lloyd Doggett said a lot of Texans stand to benefit.  
"Over two and a half million Texans, who can receive financial assistance through premium assisstance tx credits--that they get immediately through their insurer" the Congressman said, adding he knows there are a lot of people who simply don't understand how it all works.  

"I think we're making good progress--but we have a significant job ahead in these coming months to spread the word--and get the specifics on how people can sign up now" Doggett said. 

In fact, one recent survey showed many more people will tell you they simply don't understand the program as opposed to those who do.  

"Only 13-percent of workers in the United States, and 25-percent of employers feel very informed about the law" said Transamerica Center for Health Studies Executive Director Hector De la Torre. He told 550 KTSA News there are lots of reasons for that--ranging from politics to court fights. 

"That has added to the confusion--and on top of that, healthcare in and of itself is a complicated subject matter that people don't grasp in general" De la Torre said. 

Others see some outright blatant actions being taken to confuse people. State Representative Mike Villareal accused Governor Rick Perry of throwing obstacles int eh path of so-called "health navigators."  

"People who are being trained by the federal government to help uninsured Texans go online and purchase helath insurance with the federal subsidies they qualify for" Villareal explained in complaining aboutt he strict standards the Governor is urging to be adopted fo the "navigators."  One of those standarfds would be an additional 40 hours of training on top of the federal instruction they receive.  

The effort to get the word out on the program will take center stage in San Antonio Monday--with U.S. Labor Secretary Tomasd Perez joining Congressman Doggett and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro at a public forum at San Antonbio College.  


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