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Gravel Dangerous to Growers?

By Bill O'Neil

Could a plan for converting some rural Texas Farm to Market roads to gravel end up hurting the state's agriculture sector? That's just what Uvalde Mayor--and candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner J Allen Carnes fears. He told 550 KTSA News the roads are vital to the State's economic success--by allowing growers to move their products.  

"We've got to make sure we maintain that system--the ifrastructure that was built to do that" Carens said, adding the gravel conversion plans are a recipe for disaster. 

"When this is over (the oil and gas boom), with the gravel, we're goign to be looking for the funding to try to fix them then--the same exact problem--and it's kicked further down the road" Carnes said. He beleives the Texas Department of Transportation needs to do more to protect those vital routes.  

"A better job managing the situation and knowing how it's coming, and advocating for resources they need to make sure they can maintain what they have--what they have been given by the taxpayer to maintain" Carnes said.   

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