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Shutdown Affects Local Workers

by Elizabeth Ruiz

If you have an appointment at a military facility today, you better call first to verify that it hasn't been cancelled  because of the government shutdown.

Joint Base San Antonio has more than 23,000 civilian employees and most of them are on furlough.

Spokesman Brent Boller told 550 KTSA News the civilian workers have been told to show up for work as usual Tuesday and most will sign furlough forms and leave.

"In government shutdowns in the past, civilians were paid retroactively, but that would take an act of Congress," said Boller.

Military personnel are on duty and they will be paid. A measure passed in the House and Senate ensures continued pay for members of the military.   It was signed by President Obama Monday night as the Congressional standoff continued on legislation to continue funding the government past the end of the current fiscal year. 

Tourist planning to vist the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park are disappointed.

Missions Espada, Concepcion, San Jose and San Juan are closed because of the shutdown.   The Park has 40 employees, but only three are working to provide security. 

"The churches will be open, but the grounds will be closed to visitors," said Al Remley with the National Park Service.

He told 550 KTSA News they've tried to get the word out to tourist businesses and charter bus companies.

"We have been proactive in contacting the large bus companies and asking them to monitor the latest news on the government shutdown," said Remley.

Plans for the San Antonio River Authority's celebration of the opening of the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River this weekend may also be affected. 

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