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Cornyn On Shutdown and Debt Ceiling

By Bill O'Neil

Some tough talk from the number two Republican in the U.S. Senate amid the continuing partial federal government shutdown and the looming deadline for raising the nation's debt ceiling.  

When it comes to raising the debt ceiling--Senator John Cornyn siad enough is enough.  

"What the President wants to do, and what (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid wants to do is continue to borrow money we don't have--and to continue to threaten our ability not only to provide for our national security, but also the safety net programs for our most vulnerable people" Cornyn said, hoping the continuing federal shutdfown will convince President Barack Obama to sit down with Republicans and sdiscuss the debt ceiling issue.  

"If it takes a temporary shutdown of the federal government to bring people to their senses--and to bring people to the negotiating table to do it--then I think while it's not what we want, it may be a price we have to pay" Cornyn said, adding "Everybody keeps hoping the President is somehwo going to get serious about the "grand bargain" that people keep talkign about here in D.C.--but he never seems to get around to it."  

Ultimately, Cornyn said the President's plan for raising the debt ceiling will only take the U.S. further down the wrong financial road.  

"He will have actually created more debt than all of the Presidents of the UNited States who precceeded him" Cornyn said.   

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