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Voices Against Prop 6

By Johnny Shannon 

Is it worth the cost? You've heard the sakles pitch--and not everyone agerees on taking billions of dollars from the rainy day fund to pay for water projects across the state. 

"This is really about special interests--and it's really about water grabs" said Terri Hall with Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom, adding "The most offensive thing about Prop 6 is the fact that voters already approved a $6 billion revolving fund to fund water projects just two years ago--and that money has not been tapped yet" Hall told 550 KTSA News. Others share in that frustration.  

"The crony capitalists up in Austin--they've got projects they want to do--and they want the state taxpayers to foot some of the bill--and we're saying no" said Sam Brannon with the Hays Constitutional Republicans. 

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