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Separate Rallies to Focus on Guns

By KTSA News Staff

It's not a political move--the word from Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson--who will be the keynote speaker at Saturday's gun rights rally on the grounds of the Alamo. 

"That's kind of an incredulous thing to's a rally about a constitutional right" Patterson told the 550 KTSA Morning News with Trey Ware, scoffing at the notion he's seeking to gain politically in the midst of his campagn for Lieutenant Governor. 

Meanwhile, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said a large contingent of offiers will be on hand for the rally.  

"Our job as police officers is to make sure people's rights to rally for their constitutional rights is upheld. It's not about politics for us, it's about making sure this thing goes off--and nobody gets hurt" McManus said.  

Meanwhile, a separate rally will take place at around the same time on South Alamo--led by a group called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. 

"We thought it was kind of a good day--since they were drawing a line in the sand at the Alamo that we're drawing a line in the sandbox" said the group's Jamie Addams. She told 550 KTSA News her group supports Second Amendment rights--but said theose rights should be couple with sensible policy to address the issue of gun violence.   

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