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Obamacare Web Frustration Grows

By Don Morgan

Three weeks later--the technical troubles continue for the web site set up for enrolling people in the health insurance program known as Obamacare.

The President is urging you to be patient, saying the system has only been up and running for three weeks--pointing at other options for enrolling--Ingenuity HR's Mark Hatcher told 550 KTSA News a plan for hiring more operators to answer a 1-800 help line just isn't all that helpful. 

"Talking about putting more people on the 800 number is like the blind leading the blind. Now what you're going to have is untrained individuals answering the phone trying to help someone on the other end--who doesn't have a clue what they're doing" Hatcher said, adding he's not surprised the problem hasn't been fixed yet.

"Real shocker when nobody can get on and access the system and find out exactly what kind of benefits are available and what kind of subsidies are there. Here we are three weeks in, and the worst of the worst could have happened" Hatcher said. 

Here in the 550 KTSA Newsroom, we made an effort to set up and account at The site itself was easy enough to navigate, but our computer screen went blank after about four minutes. Hatcher said that's been happening to people since day one--and it probably won't stop anytime soon.  

"This thing could go from not pretty at the moment to downright ugly" Hatcher said.  

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