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Contract Talks and the Bottom Line

San Antonio's City Council will hear an update this week on the impacts of the on-going disputes with the police and fire unions on the City's bottom line.  


New Congressman Sees the Border

A one-size fits all won't work for the country's border problems--so says new Congressman Will Hurd, who took a first-hand look for himself over the weekend.  


Human Trafficking Fight Goes On

Progress has been made--but plenty of help is needed in a fight that can hit so close to home.  


7 Pups Dumped in the Rain

Who would dump seven puppies crammed in to a box on a rain-soaked night? 


Full Employment in S.A.

Help Wanted? If you're looking to add workers, that's a task that might be real tough in the San Antonio area right now.  

Pastor Opens Up About Ebola

A "terrible privledge." That's how a pastor from Dallas describes his congregation's brush with Ebola last year.