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Moms Fight to Keep Baby Killer in Prison

by Elizabeth Ruiz

Convicted baby killer Genene Jones is believed to be responsible for nearly 50 deaths more than 30 years ago, but  the former pediatric nurse at Bexar County Medical Center was convicted of one murder in Kerr County.

Chelsea McClellan was 15-months old when she mysteriously died in 1981 after Jones injected her with a strong muscle relaxant instead of a routine vaccine in a doctor's office in Kerrville. 

Because of laws that were in effect when she was convicted, Jones could be released from prison in 2018 and Chelsea's mother, Petti McClellan-Wiese, is fighting to keep her baby's killer behind bars.

"If she gets out of prison, she will do it again.  She's a serial killer," McClellan-Wiese told 550 KTSA News.

Dozens of babies died on Jones' watch when she worked  at Bexar County Medical Center before she got a job in Kerr County.

"Those babies who died in San Antonio don't have a voice and that's not how it should be. Those families need justice," said McClellan-Wiese. 

Marina Rodriguez' 6-month-old son died in 1980 after Jones injected him with what was supposed to be a vaccine during a visit at Bexar County Medical Center.

Rodriguez told 550 KTSA News she was just 15-years-old at the time and no one listened to her when she questioned the circumstances surrounding her baby's death.

"Now, more than 30 years later, the doors are opening, people are listening and they're  wondering why no one paid attention.  If they had all those years ago, maybe we could have saved some children," said Rodriguez. 

McClellan, Rodriguez and victims advocate Andy Kahan met with Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed Tuesday to discuss the possibility of filing new murder charges against Jones in an effort to keep her behind bars. 

"I'm proud of the D.A. and her team for taking this on," said Rodriguez.

It will be difficult to prosecute a case that's more than 30 years old.  Some of the potential witnesses are deceased and important documents at Bexar County Medical Center are gone, but Rodriguez remains confident.

"We have a long journey ahead of us, but it's going to be a successful journey.  We're going to keep a serial killer in prison," said Rodriguez.

She's offered to have her son's body exhumed if it helps provide evidence.

Rodriguez and McClellan are working with Kahan, a victim's advocate in Houston. 

"She's a serial killer who should stay behind bars for the rest of her life," said Kahan.

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