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Gas Price Average Below $3 in SA

By Bill O'Neil 

For the first time in quite some time--the average price per gallon of regular unleaded has fallen below the $3 mark in San Antonio--and the experts will tell you the decline probably isn't over yet.  

"We're thinking we could see prices fall perhaps another ten to fifteen cents per gallon" said's Gregg Laskoski, who told 550 KTSA News the amount of continuing decline will vary from market to market. Still, he said the numbers we're seeing today are quite impressive--with the local average sitting at $2.99. 

"A month ago it was $3.15 a gallon, and a year ago we were looking at $3.24 a gallon" Laskkoski said. 

International complications could always slow down the decline, as well as the weather. Laskoski said one potential factor could be a colder than expected winter up north--which might create a demand for more home heating oil than has been anticipated.  

"I think the timing is going to be what makes the difference. Tjhat could be somewhat disruptive in terms of the refinieries looking to make the transition from witner to summer blend gasoline" Laskoski said.  


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