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KTSA Latest News

Thanksgiving Means a Busy Airport

All eyes are on the skies at San Antonio International Airport--and the winter weather hitting the East Coast.  


Ready, Set, Shop!

Are you ready to hit the stores once those Thanksgiving leftovers are put away? It's become a tradition for a lot of families.  

Watching Ferguson From S.A.

What would casue people to burn down buildings and destroy their own property in Ferguson, Missouri? It's a lack of leadership according to one Pastor from San Antonio.  


Old Man Winter and Your Flight Plans

Millions of us could spend Thanksgiving in an airport terminal--thansk to a major storm that's set to move in to the Northeast.  


Gift Cards in Lieu of Black Friday?

Thinking about avoiding the lines in the stores on "Black Friday" with some gift cards? If so, the experts say there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.  


No Let Up in Gas Price Drop

By the million, we'll be hitting the roads this week--and the experts will tell you the price at the gas pump will keep on falling.