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Wolff Disappointed with Obamacare Rollout

By Don Morgan

He still sees it's value--but Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said he's disappointed in the rollout of Obamacare. In fact, the Judge told 550 KTSA News all Americans have reason to be frustrated.

"I think they're all disappointed in the government as I am. I mean this is the biggest initiative the government has probably had in ten years or longer I guess--and not to be ready technology-wise to at least let people look at it is very, very disappointing" Wolff said, adding officials were ready for the rollout at the county level.

"We opened up this Bibliotech Library and it's all technology. We didn't have these problems because we took a hell of a lot of time to figure it out before we opened" Wolff said.

Bexar County residents who want to enroll in Obamacare can stop by Bibliotech every Wednesday and Friday from now through March.   


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