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Bail for Three of S.A. Four?

By Bill O'Neil

Nearly two decades later--the remaining three women who make up the so-called "San Antonio Four" could walk out of prison on bail as soon as Monday--in what may be the model for reviewing similar old convictions based upon what is now considered to be "junk science." 

The move is expected after prosecutors and defense attoreneys agreed the testimony given by an expert in the late 1990's is no longer considered reliable.

"It's a big deal because this type of evidence hasn;t been reviewed before" said Innocence Project of Texas Executive Director Nick Vilbas--who told 550 KTSA News the fight to clear the women's names will continue--some twenty years after the alleged sexual assaults of two young girls they were accused of committing. 

"We'll get there--but it's actually a pretty big deal that we're able to work with the District Attorney's Office on looking at the forensic evidence--and agreeing the forensic evidence is not to be relied upon--and the women should at least get a new trial" Vilbas said. 

In the years since their conviction--at least one of the victims has publicly recanted her story. 


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