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Annexation Frustration

By Bill O'Neil

The frustration growns in portions of Southern Bexar County--with San Antonio's City Council set to be briefed Wednesday on an annexation plan.

"The citizens of South Bexar County are very concerned about this annexation and oil companies moving in" one man told Bexar County Commissioners Tuesday.

"These are generations and generations--who are trying to stay out of the city... to try to grow their families away from the city" another woman said. 

For their part, Commissioners said there's little they can really do.

"We're doing as much as we can--and that is trying to keep the services the County offers intact" said Commissioner Chico Rodriguez. 

Under the plan being proposed, the areas would be annexed in a limited fashion for three years--while the city considers a plan for the future. City regulations would be enforced--but city taxes would not be collected--while officials decide whether or not the annexation should be made permanent. 


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