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Pump Prices Rising Fast

By Bill O'Neil

We've probably seen the bottom--the word from fuel market analysts after a big jump in gas prices over the last week--up by more than 15-cents per gallon on average in the San Antonio area.

"The average price in San Antonio today is $3.10 a gallon (of regular unleaded)--a week ago, we were looking at $2.94" said Gregg Laskoski with He told 550 KTSA News maintenance issues at four separate Gulf Coast refineries are to blame for the rapid increase.

"In all four refineries, it's reduced their output--it's reduced what they're able to produce" Laskoski said, adding we're probably not going to see prices fall under $3 per galllon any time soon.

"We may not neccesarily see nothing but increases. We could see prices flatten oput in the early part of December--before we see tham climb as we get closer to the Christmas Holiday" Laskoski said. 


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