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Bumpy Skies for Holiday Travelers?

By Don Morgan

By the million, people are set to take to the skies over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday week--with ominonous looming weather threatening to make that trip so much more difficult.

"Just because we're not having a whole bunch of delays now doesn't mean we won't have any--it all depends on the weather" said Nora Castro at San Antonio International Airport. She told 550 KTSA News there are a few things you can do to help speed your trip up--at least while you're at the aiprort.

"We always ask people to get here two hours before the 7:30 AM flights--and an hour (before your flight) after the 7:30 AM flights" Castro said.

Meanwhile, travel experts said you should pack some extra patience for the entire experience. 

Cathi Banks with Legacy Travel told 550 KTSA News the system should be able to recover from the cancellations caused by ice and snow in the Southwest over the weekend.

"As long as we don't have another big weather problem we should be fine" Banks said, noting that conclusion is a big "if" right now. If Mother Nature does not cooperate, she said living by the golden rule can help you some.

"The first thing to do is be nice and be polite--there are a lot of things the airline personnel can do to help you--and there is very little they have to do to help you" Banks said.  

As always, the experts will tell you it's a good idea to check with your airline before leaving home--whether you are traveling--or picking someone up from the airport.  


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