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Can the Obamacare Web Damage be Fixed?

By Don Morgan

The White House insists the web site is fixed--but could the issues with turn people against the Affordable Care Act completely?

Congressman Henry Cuellar doesn't think so.

"One-third of my Congressional District--and some areas like in Hidalgo County in the southern part of my district, I have about 38% of the population of that county that has no coverage at all" Cuellar told 550 KTSA News, seeing smoother sailing ahead--which includes an easier time for people to enroll.

But Enginuity HR's Mark Hatcher told 550 KTSA News the rapidly approaching sing up deadline--aggravated by the enrollment period's rocky start--could casue more issues to pop up.

"They'll get there becasue they brought in some people who know what they're doing--now it's all about time" Hatcher said, adding "November they tiold us it was all going to be fixed... I knew that wasn't going to happen."

Is it really fixed? Do people beleive it? Hatcher said the jury really is still out. 

"I think we're still waiting to see how that's going to pan out--because the net effect is people who want to go through are the ones who are going to get the subsidy, only have until December 23rd to do that for coverage January 1" Hatcher said.  


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