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Small Steps Seen in New Teen Pregnancy Report

By Bill O'Neil

Some positive signs--but lots of work still to be done--the takeaways from a new report issued on teen pregnancy in Bexar County.

"It's getting better--and it has been for some years, but it is still a big problem" said Metro Health's Doctor Thomas Schlenker in looking over the numbers--which show the teen pregnancy rate for Bexar County is down 38% since 2000--but remains 46% above the national average.

"A lot of it--not all of it--but a lot of  it does have  to do with education--and knowing how to communicate with teenage boys and girls on their own level" Schlenker said. Project Worth's Paulina Pastrana agreed. 

"It"s not just girls and it's not just the teen boys--but it's also the parents and adults at schools and within the community as well" Pastrana said.

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