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Backers Tout Tolls in S.A.

By Bill O'Neil

An "unfolding transportation success story"--the case toll road backers are set to make at the Texas Transportation Forum taking place in San Antonio. 

Simply put, backers see tolls as one very important tool in a larger tool box. 

"It's a very powerful and effective tool for funding transportation" said International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association Executive Director Patrick Jones. He told 550 KTSA News the pay to drive option has had a positive impact across the country. 

"Tolling and priced managed lanes--which is another aspect of tolling--can help to relieve congestion" Jones said. He added the cash from tolls is very much needed--with little talk of tax increases to help with growing the Federal Highway Trust Fund. 

The presentation comes ont he heels of the announcement of a plan for hundreds of millions of dollars in projects to address congestion around San Antonio--projects which include the use of tolls and managed lanes.  


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