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Apartments Have No Running Water

by Elizabeth Ruiz
Imagine having to get ready for work or school with no running water.  That's what residents of a Northwest Side  apartment complex have been doing since Saturday. 
A resident told 550 KTSA News that except for a few hours Sunday, they've had no running water at the Villages of Cinnamon Creek Apartments because of a plumbing problem.
"There are families with infants and children who have to go to school.  We have no showers, no plumbing and no way to wash dishes," she said. 
Management has been providing gallon jugs of water to tenants, but  she says it's not enough.
"Most people are going to the convenience store at the corner to get water.  Some have been getting water from a  fire hydrant on the property," she said.

Theroux says they shouldn't have to live under such unsanitary conditions and she's calling on the property owners to relocate residents until the plumbing problem has been resolved.
Phone calls by 550 KTSA News to management have not been returned. 

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