NSA Concerns Rising

By Don Morgan 

Out of balance--the word from a San Antonio Congressman on the National Security Agency's Surveillance program--with President Barack Obama unveileing some changes. Democrat Lloyd Doggett said the effort appears out of step with the American desire for liberty and freedom. 

"I think that balance has been lost. I think the President and the Administration have been too willing to collect information about law abiding Americans" Doggett told 550 KTSA News ahead of the President's speech Friday.  
Meanwhile--amid a new report this week the NSA has been infiltrating computers worldwide--one man who lived in one of the world's most notorious police states sees a lot of danger. 

"People don't want to trade with a country that acts in a way that is not friendly" said Mihai Nadin--now a Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas--but was bron in Romania--growing up and educated there under a post-World War Two Communist system. 

"That level of spying on every individual is not sustainable. That's one of the reaons why the Soviet Union imploded" Nadin said. telling 550 KTSA News The President is in a tough spot. 

"You have the establishment in place that says we need to continue the same way. On the other hand, there is a large number of Americans who say wait a second--that's not what the Constitution says" Nadin said. 


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