No Rabies in Lackland Bat

By Bill O'Neil

The results are in--and they are negative on a rabies test conducted on a bat found inside of a dormitory building at Lackland Air Force Base late last week. However, officials are quick to point out that's just part of the story.  

"This was one of several bats observed over the course of a week and a half in that dormitory building, so we can not say beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would all test negative" said Brent Boller with Joint Base San Antonio. He told 550 KTSA News that means a two week series of rabies shots for more than two-hundred basic traineees who may have been exposed to the bats will continue.  

"No trainees have reported any signs of being bitten by a bat--but this is a risk that we're not willing to take" Boller said.   


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