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San Antonio Thaws Out

by Elizabeth Ruiz
San Antonio's thawing out after the big freeze that layered highways with ice  and shut down schools Friday. 
San Antonio Police Sgt. Javier Salazar tells 550 KTSA News every officer available was on duty with three captains calling the shots.
"They took SWAT officers, gang unit offcers, POP (Problem Oriented Policing)  officers, traffic and DWI officers and used them to supplement the patrol division," said Sgt. Javier Salazar.
Between 8:30 pm Thursday and 2 pm Friday, Salazar says SAPD responded to  more than 2-thousand service calls.  That includes 173 major accidents, 414 minor collisions and 218 traffic-related calls. 
"To give you perspective on this, on an average day in a 24-hour period, SAPD handles 120 crashes in the city," said Salazar.
Shortly after 10 pm Thursday, officers started shutting down overpasses on Loop 410  and IH 10.
Once the ice on bridges started to melt away Friday, several abandoned vehicles remained on the freeways, which delayed the opening of some highways in San Antonio.
"Rather than sit in their cars after a crash, some people chose to get out and seek shelter," said Salazar. 

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