Bat Colony Found in Lackland Dorm

By Elizabeth Ruiz 

It turns out some basic trainees at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland have been sharing their quarters with a colony of bats. 

As many as 600 of the bats have been discovered in the exterior walls of a 45-year old dormitory on base. That has led officials to continue their work to seal the interior of the building. Crews have been installing mesh covers over all interior vents. 

"As a further precaution, officials have established a nighttime manned watch of all the interior living quarters to make sure no bat makes it inside the dormitory without being detected while the trainees are asleep" said Joint Base San Antonio's Brent Boller. 

Officials continue to beleive no trainees were bitten by any of the bats. One that was recently captured inside of the dorm tested negative for rabies--however, more than 200 basic trainees will continue a series of rabies vaccinations as a precaution.  


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