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Obamacare Hindering Immigration Reform?

By Don Morgan 

Will changes to the President's health care reform law make it more difficult to accomplish immigration reform? 

Some political watchers will tell you the answer is clearly yes. Daniel Garza with the Libre Inititiative told 550 KTSA News too many bureaucrats are involved in the Affordable Care Act--which has helped in the law's failings so far.  

"The fact that you now have federal brueaucrats in control of  a lot of health care decisions--health care pricing, benefits and services--and the quality of care--of cousre is troublesome" Garza said, adding he fears the same will happen with any immigration reform effort President Barack Obama might push.  

"How do you expect to be trusted to handle a massive immigration reform if you can't even implement correctly a law that you have in place now--that you single-handedly proposed and apporved--and are now executing" Garza said.  

The President is again expected to press for immigration reform during Tuesday Night's State of the Union Address.  


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