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Cornyn Grills Holder on IRS

By Bill O'Neil

A Capitol Hill back and forth featured the number two Republican in the United States Senate grilling the country's Attorney General over the still swirling IRS scrutiny scandal.

Despite recent reports to the contrary, Attorney General Eric Holder said the investigation in to the scandal--and allegations the tax agency placed undue scrutiny on some conservative groups--is not over. 

"Obviously all of the options we have are on the table being there has not been a determination to either bring charges or to decline the case" Holder told Senator John Cornyn during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday. Despite that statement, the Senator remains frustrated with the investigation--and a lack of contact between investigatros and those who say they were victimized.  

"Don't you think it's the responsibility of the Department to actually contact the people with the most information about exactly what happened?" the Senator asked. Holder said he'll leave those decisions to the investigators in the field.

"The determinations as to who gets interviewed will be made by the career people who are conducting the investigation" Holder said.  


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