Beware of $9.84 Scam

By Elizabeth Ruiz
Beware of the $9.84 scam. 
It may not amount to much, but an unfamiliar charge of $9.84 on your credit card statement could mean bigger problems. 
Experts believe thieves are using that small amount in hopes that most consumers won’t pay much attention to a charge under $10, but it didn’t escape the eyes of an elderly Northwest Side woman who noticed the fraudulent charge when she opened her credit card statement this week.
“I did not recognize the amount and I did not recognize the business, so I called VISA and they told me they would give me credit for it next month,” she told 550 KTSA News.
She didn’t know this was part of a much bigger, nationwide $9.84 scam.
“Later that day, I heard on the local news about that $9.84 charge and a recommendation that you should get a new card if you saw that on your statement,” she said.
That’s exactly what she did.
The Better Business Bureau says if fraudulent charges appear on your statement, your credit card information has been compromised  and you should request a new one.

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