Adkisson: 'I'm Not Hiding Anything."

By: Marissa A. Wagner

The Democratic Primary Race for Bexar County Judge continues to rear its' mudslinging head. Judge Nelson Wolff has launched the website which claims his Democratic challenger and County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson is defying open government laws to conduct County business secretly with Republican activists.

The website refers to a legal battle to gain access to a number of emails between Adkisson and Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom Founder Terri Hall to Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Gerard Calderon.

"It's appropriate that he turn those over. It's been clear from everybody's stand point of view that he should do that," said Judge Wolff.

The request for the emails was initially made by " San Antonio Express News"  reporter Josh Baugh in 2010 under the Public Information Act, and has been in legal proceedings since. 

"There is a judicial process and I'm using it, one he (Wolff) voted on to allow me to do. This case is in the 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin. The haven't ruled in the case, but when the process is complete I will do as the court rules," said Adkisson.

Adkisson told The 550 KTSA Morning News with Trey Ware that he absolutely has nothing to hide, and that the website is simply an attempt by Judge Wolff to take the negative attention off himself that he's received from the public over his controversial views on toll roads and streetcars in the city.

"Every elected official, or appointed official, boards and commission members, and all the municipalities all subject to private email inspection, witch hunts, fishing expeditions. That's what Judge Wolff would have us all be subjected to," said Adkisson.

Judge Wolff told the 550 KTSA Morning News with Trey Ware that's an Ingenuous assertion as Adkisson also voted in favor of tolls, and that he simply wants to know if Adkisson is hiding anything from his constituents.

"It is probably the most dangerous thing as far as transparency with public officials can go, because all our records at the courthouse are open," said Judge Wolff.

Judge Wolff and Commissioner Adkisson will face off in the Democratic Primary Election on March 4, 2014.

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