Cornyn Reacts to CBO Report on Obamacare

By Bill O'Neil

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office has the Number Two Republican in the United States Senate again taking aim at Obamacare. 

The report projects the Affordable Care Act will result in two million fewer full time workers in the coming years--only adding to the frustration Senator John Cornyn is feeling with the White House and President Barack Obama specifically.

"He has no plan for controlling our national debt" Cornyn said on the floor of the U.S. Senate Tuesday--further voicing frustration with the recent Democratic push to raise the minimum wage.  

"One of the problems is the President's own helathcare policy--which they voted for--is killing full time work--and putting people in part time work" Cornyn said, wondering why the Administration has been so hesitant to work with Republicans on reform efforts. 

The same CBO report also forecasts the nation's unemployment rate will stay above six-percent for the reaminder of the President's term in offcie.  


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